Evolving Skies: Soaring High or Crash Landing? Is this Pokemon TCG set worth collecting?

Pokemon Evolving Skies

Evolving Skies, a Pokemon TCG set released in August 2021, has soared in popularity thanks to its stunning artwork and coveted chase cards. But with the hype reaching new heights, is it still a worthy investment for collectors in 2024? Let’s take a dive into the skies and see if this set can take your collection to new heights.

The Allure of Evolving Skies

There’s no denying the beauty of Evolving Skies. The set boasts:

Eevee evolutions galore: Featuring alternate art versions of all eight Eevee evolutions, these cards are a major draw for collectors. Notably, the “Moonbreon” Umbreon VMAX is a fan-favorite with sky-high prices.

Powerful cards for competitive play: Rayquaza VMAX and Sylveon VMAX are not just stunning, they’re powerhouses in the competitive scene, making them valuable for players as well.

Overall strong aesthetics: The set’s artwork is generally praised for its vibrant colors and dynamic poses.

Worth a Look Before You Leap

While Evolving Skies has undeniable charm, here are some factors to consider before diving in:

Potentially inflated prices: Due to the initial hype, some cards, especially the chase rares, may be priced higher than their long-term value. Consider researching current market prices to ensure you’re not overpaying.
Reprint possibilities: The Pokemon Company has been known to reprint popular sets, potentially affecting the long-term value of individual cards.

Do you love it?: At the end of the day, collecting is about passion. If the artwork and cards themselves excite you, then Evolving Skies might be a perfect fit for your collection, regardless of potential investment returns.

Alternatives to Consider

If you’re unsure about Evolving Skies, here are some other options:

Brilliant Stars: This newer set features Character Rares with stunning artwork and potentially less inflated prices.
Vintage sets: For a nostalgic touch, earlier Pokemon sets can offer a unique collecting experience. However, be prepared for potentially higher costs due to their age and rarity.

The Verdict: It Depends

Evolving Skies remains a beautiful and valuable set, but mindful collecting is key. Consider your budget, collecting goals, and long-term value before making a decision. For pure love of the artwork and those coveted Eevee evolutions, Evolving Skies might be a worthy investment for your collection. But if you’re primarily focused on long-term financial gain, careful research and exploring alternative sets might be a wiser approach.

Remember, collecting should be fun! So choose the cards that truly make your heart soar.

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